Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Tips With Layout

Today I am going to tell you how to arrange a bedroom in a simple manner. Why should the arrangement be simple? There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, the space within the bedroom is limited. Therefore we cannot afford to clutter the bedroom with excessive bedroom furniture. In other words, we have to observe certain limitations based on the space, especially the floor area available in the room. I will discuss the ideal sizes for bedrooms in a future article.
As aforesaid, it is not a wise thing to clutter the bedroom with a lot of unnecessary items of bedroom furniture. However many bedrooms can be seen almost filled with various things which actually should not be in a bedroom.

Main bedroom furniture and other items which should be in a bedroom.

 Bed.
 Bedside table.
 Wardrobe.
 Dressing table.
 Cloth bin
 Dustbin.
 Doormat &
 Rug.

A sketch showing the bedroom items mentioned above is given below. Please see how bedroom furniture is arranged in a 10’ X 12’ bedroom. You can place the bedroom furniture in your bedroom as you prefer paying attention to the shape, length & breadth of your room.

If you use bedroom furniture in excess of the aforesaid your room would become cluttered, which in turn would not help you to relax your mind. On the contrary, it would lead to confusion making your mind restless.

The bedroom furniture and other items described here can be categorized into two parts.

The items door- mat, rug, cloth bin and dust bin are used to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the bedroom. Other items are for general needs.


Do not fail to place a doormat at the entrance to your bedroom. Do not use coir or rubber door mats. It is advisable to use an absorbent cotton door mat. It would help prevent approximately 80% of the dust and other debris which get stuck on to your feet in the living room, kitchen and other places in the house entering into your bedroom. However, the door mat has to be taken out every day during the evening or at night for removing the dust from it. You should be able to purchase this item of bedroom furniture from your nearest furniture dealer or any shop dealing in rugs etc.


This really is not meant for putting the dust and other debris you collect in sweeping the bedroom. You may use it for collecting small items of trash such as wrappings of items you bring into the bedroom, strands of hair that come off while combing, bills, receipts and shopping bags, etc. You may add its contents to the main waste basket at home every three days or once a week. It would help you to keep your bedroom always clean, neat and tidy.

Cloth bin.

You can buy cloth bins of various colors, shapes, and sizes from the market. Put your clothes which need washing in the cloth bin, prior to taking them to the laundry. This item of bedroom furniture would help you to maintain the neatness in your bedroom. Hence make sure to add this item to the bedroom.


Even though many people do not use rugs, the under – bed rug is a compulsory item in the bedroom. This could be obtained in various sizes from the market. The proper way is to lay it so that the floor on three sides of the bed are covered, as shown in the diagram. On whatever side you climb the bed that would ensure that the rug retains the dust clinging to your feet, which in turn would help you to keep your bed clean and neat.

Under- bed rugs cannot frequently be cleaned as you would have to raise the bed and pull the rug from underneath the bed. However, this problem could be addressed by using a vacuum cleaner to clean this item of bedroom furniture.

The Bed.

The bed is the main item of bedroom furniture in the bedroom. One should pay attention to the size of the bed in selecting one. The length and width of the room and the number of persons who would be using the bed have to be taken into consideration in deciding on the size of the bed. The proper way to place the bed in the bedroom is indicated in the diagram. It should be placed in such a way making it possible to climb the bed from three sides. Similarly, there should be a window to the left or the right-hand side of the bed. Follow this method, as it is important to let the first rays of the morning sun to enter the bedroom and to fall onto the bed.
Try to keep a gap of at least three feet between the bed and the window.

Bedside Table.

The next item of bedroom furniture, the bedside table, can be kept in the space of about three feet between the bed and the window. The average length and breadth of this item of bedroom furniture are approximately 18” X 15”. Purchase a bedside table with a drawer and a cupboard underneath the table top. Refrain from keeping table lamps on the side table. You may keep a glass of water, your telephone and a tab on it. Keeping table lamps on the bedside table would make it a busy place. Instead, wall bracket lamps as shown in the diagram can be used.

Dressing /Vanity table.

It is an essential item of bedroom furniture for ladies in a bedroom. It is always better to use a dressing table or a vanity table with a single mirror. The smaller the dressing table, lesser the congestion in your bedroom. This is not an essential piece of bedroom furniture for males. However, they too can use a vanity table which is in tune with their needs.


Investing in a wardrobe should be decided based on the number and volume of your dresses. However, it is not advisable to use excessively large wardrobes. Many people use wardrobes with mirrors mounted on their doors. They are suitable specially for males. Besides that, they help us to do away with one item of bedroom furniture. However, remember that mounting mirrors facing the bed are considered to be inauspicious according to architectural rules.

I believe that you would have received a good idea about arranging, in a simple manner, essential items of bedroom furniture in a small 10’ x 12’ bedroom.

In addition to the aforementioned items, you can use items of Wall Art for decorating your bedroom. Some examples are shown below. Further, there are certain aspects you should be mindful about in color – washing the interior of a bedroom. Examples are ranges of colors and coloring the main wall. I hope to make you knowledgeable on these matters in a future article.
I think by now you have an understanding about arranging bedroom furniture in a bedroom. Similarly, if you have any problems which need clarification, please do not hesitate to mention them below. Also, you are welcome to use that space give your comments and any new ideas you have which you wish to share.
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We shall meet before long through another article. Till then, bye!

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